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Authenticity lovers, artfully stylish photography and film admirers,

you will find the right choice here !

Your pictures and your wedding videos / wedding films focus on that, what makes you and your day so special. And how I wittness you and your wedding day. I catch with my camera the moments that reveal everything, but on an special way. You are not going to find the classical wedding photographer or videographer in me. I have my own way to look and see.

I believe it´s not about to remember what happened, but it´s about to remember how did you feel at that time.

A wedding reporter

Wedding photographer Hamburg. I work like a reporter, a wedding reporter. That´s the only way that I can seize natural, not posed photos and the atmosphere of such an important day. To be able to tell the complete story of your day, I get booked by my clients for about 8 to 12 hours. We start normally with the getting ready of the bride and the groom, and then continue until the wedding dance at night.

You planned your wedding day with lots of love, much efforts and absolute devotion, and this must stay unforgettable and remembered.

What remains at the end, is the memory. My personal wish is that you feel comfortable and that you can fully trust in me and my work. Also make sure that the chemistry is good between us.

Couples that allow to be photographed just the way they are, especially estimate my work.

Do you love genuineness, pureness and style? If you don´t care much if the dress goes messy during the shooting or if the high heels stick in the sand or field or if you are walking barefoot at the beach, we can realize really amazing pictures of you. If you are not looking for perfection, but for authenticity I would love to work with you and make together with you unforgettable pictures and films of your special day.

Frequently I get booked by couples that love exceptional and intimate weddings with so much love for details and so much emotion. Do you also love Boho-weddings, unconventional weddings, free marriage ceremonies, barn weddings ?

Let us break with conventions and traditions and let us go your own way. Let us make pictures and films of real people in love, just the way they are.

Wedding photographer Hamburg – Also in the whole Germany, and Europe

I´m not only active as a wedding photographer and wedding videographer in Bremen, Hamburg, Köln, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, but I also work in the whole Germany, in Europe and other international sittings to make your wedding book.

It doesn’t matter where you are getting married, I’ m coming with you ! I am particularly happy to graphically document some weddings in foreign countries.

If you like my photography and my films and you would like to know more about me, please look in ABOUT ME, who is the woman behind the camera.

You can also call me, send an Email, or write me directly using the Contact Form.


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